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Recently , and if you’ve been reading my last posts, I started a journey of following a crazy dream I had when I was younger. My family would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up , and I would answer “a bird”. I would always say that all I wanted to do was just live for a year in a new country very year till I die . So I could soak up as much of the world as possible.  Obviously I was quite used to being laughed at by friends and family since I never had any realistic goals or dreams that were so to say “normal” . My dream of being a bird merely meant all I wanted to do forever is flutter through life, learning , experiencing and picking up pieces to build my soul.

So I recently , left everything I owned behind , got rid of every materliastic thing that I had and ran across the world with no plan , just the hunger for unpredictable experiences and chances to meet and learn from souls who have lived a different life from me. After 6 months of traveling around, I’m so lucky to say I have had the most incredible few months of my life. I met people who are now good friends that I adore. I got to grow my creativity and enlighten my mind through seeing new places and learning from new cultures.

I finally now decided to settle in a country for a little bit of time. I am currently in magical London . A place full of pristine culture, incredible history yet still has some of the most modern atmospheres in the world. A world of eclectic art and stunning views.

I’m so excited for this new chapter. The only way to enjoy a new chapter is to live presently in it and not let thoughts of whats passed and whats next poison your presence and your current life. Here is my passion for style and art shot by Jakob Nawka in my new town .

Photography by Jakob Nawka

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