Why I left California

About a year and a half ago I moved out of California after being there for ten years. There was a lot of mixed reviews on my decision. Most of which made me think , am I crazy ? I’m leaving the best weather in the world and going 8000 kilometres to the other side of the globe. Just like that . What happened? I don’t think anyone understood what was going on in my mind.

To be honest with you , I have a little bit of an advantage because I grew up in 3 different homes a year. I don’t have a clear memory of one place that we lived at when I was a kid because we were never anywhere long enough. My mom was always switching jobs and my dad kept getting relocated and not just to different neighbourhoods but to different countries. Which explains why I lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years.

When I moved to California at 16 , I wanted so much from it , I wanted friendships, new experiences, I wanted the laid back easy-going beach days and the busy hustling from interview to interview , audition to audition , days. I wanted to chase my dreams , unravel my creativity and learn more about art, food and people.

And that I did . I lived in Long Beach (a extremely dog friendly, young family,  casual and “chilled out” beachside haven lined with boutique health shops, happy people at happy  hour bars ) , then I lived in Palos verdes (a countryside version of Southern California with massive acres of stunning properties , hundreds of stunning old and very rare trees, and a few resorts overlooking a stunning rocky beach . This  was probably the best time of my life to have been a waitress lol! ) . Then I lived in West Hollywood (a melting pot of every type-A personality known to humanity and a Mekkah for good looking people living in the fastest of lanes)  .

So I can say this: I DID California. I took what I wanted from it . And the advantage of never growing up in a place long enough to remember it gave me this weirdly cool ability to not connect too much to places and be able to gain memories, live experiences and then up and leave. I know , I’m weird. But I wouldn’t change a thing . I have no “FOMO” . I don’t look back and say I wish I did more. And that alone made it so exciting for me to move .

I am now in Europe. I feel like I’ve not only started a new chapter but maybe even a brand new book with a much clearer cover and a wider array of visions. I love the differences I see from here to California. The culture, the history , the people , the ability to manoeuvre around the whole continent in no less than 3 hour flights and sometimes for a price cheaper than a meal on Melrose ave in West Hollywood .

I also got a ton of questions from my loyal followers who have been following my journey since the beginning. You asked about my lovely pups. My Yorkie, Emma and my Bichon, Jaden . I love my dogs as if they were my children and they’ve been with me for ten years. I would never and have never in my life done anything but prioritise their happiness. When I moved I thought a lot about bringing them with me , I did so much research . I looked up everything possible, like possibly making them emotional support dogs and getting them certified to be legal companions on a flight. I even looked into spending thousands (that I didn’t have) on expensive business class flights on airlines that made the exception to have perts only for their “upper class” clientele . I then realised how selfish I was being . Just because I am able to up and leave doesn’t mean they can . They are used to sunny California, bike rides with my best friends, sandy beaches, car rides on hot days with the windows down and their tongues out, and the soothing calm life at home. I decided I need to think of them and not me. I left them with one of my dearest and best friends in the world who I would trust with my own life. They live 4 minutes from the beach , they’re happy,  healthy and always excited to see me when I come to visit. I know this is what was best for them …

I like change . Change is good. Could you imagine being the same person forever or living the same carousel of events week to week without growing and enlightening your mind?

I love my move and can’t wait to see what my soul will learn and in what ways living here in Europe will strengthen me





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