There are things that we are taught in school, and things our parents teach us and then things we learn in our day to day life from hearsay and rumours. Maybe the odd tv channel gives us a bunch of news that starts with the word allegedly . BUT , have you ever stopped to evaluate what is actually factual and what isn’t ? Sure you get the facts from school or college but information that passes you by daily may not be affirmed or factual . And surely you don’t think you learned EVERYTHING in college ? You just hear what you hear and you fear what people fear.

About 4 years ago I started getting the same panic attacks I got when I was 16 years old during post traumatic stress resulting from the loss of my father . I thought it had become a little easier over the years because my panic attacks weathered away when I turned 21 and I didn’t have to take my medicines anymore. Then 4 years ago there they are again . The shortness of breath , dryness of mouth , the racing heart and high pitch drumming in my ears . I felt like I had gone back a 100 steps. “But I worked so hard on getting to a better place… ,” I thought to myself. All the yoga, the meditation classes, the self help books and therapy along with endless ridiculous playlists of dolphin sounds and shakra music .  Here I am again feeling like I have to start over.

I started to look for answers . Turns out you could get panic attacks at any point in time , ever. Not exactly a positive piece of information here BUT the good news is there are many ways of dealing with them and it doesn’t have to be the medicines they prescribe you at a doctors office which are chemically engineered to f*ck you up in so many other ways you actually just wish you were having a full blown series of panic attacks instead of the shit load of side effects that can’t even be listed in a 2 minute commercial .

I turned to something else, CBD oil . At the time Cannabis was illegal everywhere and its name was tarnished completely with no chance of a comeback . People thought of the word Cannabis and instantly visualised themselves smoking weed and looking like their own version of Snoop Dogg . I’m here to tell you THIS ISN’T WHAT CANNABIS is and there are MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS to the plant. I came to find out from a Harvard professor who was involved in the study of Cannabis in 2014 with 80 students (and is also my now neurologist ) that the plant actually has healing , calming , soothing and aiding agents of all kinds to the body . It’s the THC part of the plant that scares people . Why? Because THC can you get you “high” (it is the only psychoactive part of the plant) and other than altering your mental state , THC doesn’t have nearly as many good things we can say about it.  Which brings me to the other part of the plant: CBD. This is the part of the plant that can help prevent cancer cells from forming, aid in digestion , help the body release even amounts of dopamine , calm the nervous system AND help the neurotransmitters in your brain function evenly and correctly. HOW CRAZY IS IT THAT NO ONE HAS TOLD US THIS? Its like there are a million magic beans in Cannabis yet people have been gogging and stressing about the 2 potatoes in the corner that weren’t very good for you . How was this going on all these years and we’ve been kept in the dark?

For me, CBD changed my life . Literally . I found myself actually sleeping through the night . I was able to regulate my eating , when before I was only craving salt or sugar . I found myself able to wean off of coffee . My energy levels were stable, which means I could think clearly . I didn’t feel groggy , down or depressed like I felt when I was taking Ativan and some other prescribed medication I can’t even pronounce to you guys. And most importantly the panic attacks were gone . I was ecstatic. I thought I was destined to have to live with anxiety forever. So yes it changed my life. I felt a little betrayed though , why wasn’t I told that this was out there ? I could have  A) saved lots of money on prescription medication and B) reversed dozens of sleepless nights of anxiety that was resulting from medication side effects like weight gain , blurred vision , restless leg syndrome …. you name it . And C) I could have been able to stop the panic attacks much much earlier in my life.

So this is why I wanted to share my experience with CBD and my thoughts on such a touchy subject like Cannabis. More people need to speak up so we can all start own research and see that there are other answers than bottles and bottles of prescription medications that never really cure us .

Hold on , I’m not done yet . There is one more thing we didn’t know about. Cannabis sativa seed oil actually has amazing benefits for the skin which we are now just discovering. The Cannabis sativa seed oil itself is BRIMMING with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Omega 3’s, Omega 6, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E and arginine. All of which are compounds that prevent free radical damage, protect skin, get rid of inflammation and delay the aging process. 

So to break it down, this plant is heaven sent and we were taught false information that all of it is toxic. This is why I always like to do my own research on things. I’m happy to nod and smile when someone tells me they know something I don’t know but I won’t take their word for what they’re trying to tell me. I’m skeptical and I let the facts teach me , NOT the rumors.

If you have followed me for a while you know I absolutely swear by the approach of hydrating your skin to make it clearer and better as opposed to the old fashioned way of drying it out. I swear by my serums. I love a good serum. I found High Beauty while I was researching where I can find the best form of Cannabis in a skincare product. Their High Expectations cannabis facial oil is pure, light, calming to the skin and it’s loaded with nutrients for hydration and repair. Their High Five cannabis facial moisturizer is loaded with inflammation-fighting Cannabis sativa and antioxidants to nourish, balance and protect the skin too. High uses the oil and protein extracted from Cannabis Sativa seeds which don’t have CBD or THC, but are full of nutrients that our skin needs to be healthy. They have bottled it up and I’m so happy about it. I can’t believe no one hasn’t thought about this sooner!!

So here are the steps I suggest you take to maximize your results with using High beauty:

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

You should always get rid of the dirt before you apply any kind of moisture. you don’t want to lock in any debris from the day. Start with a blank fresh, clean canvas!

Step 2: Pat dry

In my experience, patting the skin dry with a hot towel after it has been exfoliated creates a nice atmosphere for your serum to sit on. You want the most amount of absorption, and this will help with that.

Step 3 : Apply the High Expectations cannabis facial oil, evenly

Don’t cake it on, a light amount (a few drops) should give you that perfect sheen and give you the hydrating, reparative benefits. A good serum or oil shouldn’t need to be used in large amounts. With the High Expectations oil specifically, I have found the lightness doesn’t mean that it isn’t hydrating, it actually absorbs into the deeper layers of skin, lasts long and keeps my skin hydrated for the full day or night.

Step 4: Lock it in

I like to put a thin layer of high beauty’s High Five cannabis facial moisturizer on top for extra moisture, antioxidant protection and nutrients. This is slightly thicker in consistency, it absorbs into the skin well and helps you get the most out of your serum/oil by “locking it in” and can be a much better bed for your makeup!

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