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Dear reader ,

I always wanted to use my blog as a way to reach out to hearts out there that needed a little more understanding of the world . An understanding that I may have gotten along the way of my own life and I can share that with my readers. I don’t only want to show you the shallow things (what I wear and where I go) , I want to also share you with my perception of the world .

Within the past two years , everything changed. I suddenly found this beautiful little doorway to your mind, your home computer , and your phone .  I started my blog and started sharing , with what became thousands of you , my day-to-days. I loved that . I wouldn’t change it for the world. As a kid who grew up alone and started working at the early age of 15, this was a great way to vent.

Flash forward to now, that lonely fifteen year old who had no parents to speak to can now speak to others that she doesn’t even know and has never met before. This is a gift.

Social media has done so many great things, it also has done so many bad things . We used to grow up with souls that craved just our loved ones’ appreciation and acceptance . Now we have a gateway to having a bigger need . A need for attention.

Instagram gave us an easy way out . We don’t have to seek personality , we can just look at beautiful faces and create our own image of what we think they are in real life. Little do we know we are drifting from real life at the very moment we start scrolling down through our “feed”.

I came to a place to eliminate my mind’s pressure. I have a job where I like to document to you what is happening with my life . But I don’t want you to see me for what I visually appear to you . I ask for you to see me as someone who wants to listen , help , inspire. To me, touching the hearts of a hundred people in sharing my story is much more valuable then getting thumbs up from a million .  I know what I do always represents me and who I truly am . And I’m hoping you take the time to really dive into my messages and not just see me as another face. On an app.

I know how much “the gram” could suck you in , so to me (and to everyone who relates to spending hours on their phone) I hope that you could take my message as a motivational push to use the power of social media for the deeper good. Don’t get lost in that app that now draws a picture to you of what others are doing and seeming to be. Remember that your own presence in your own moments is much more precious. Don’t waste your thoughts on a page that you think is perfect . Your mind will always play games on you , it’s so talented in assuming that what others have or what others do is better than what you have and what you do .

Don’t get lost . Don’t take a 3.5inch device in your hands so seriously that you let it ruin or change your life. When you follow someone , make it be for the reason that you would be their friend in real life, you would want to go to the office with them or have a thanksgiving dinner with them because they truly relate to you by their mind, and their personality . Not what they choose to show you .

Dedicated to :

My young self

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