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** disclaimer: All products are my genuine opinion and are not sponsored. I made it easy for you to shop them so you don’t have to research, just scroll to the bottom of the page when you’re done reading .

Cyber Monday couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m in desperate need of refilling some of my most loved skincare products.  For this beauty-crazed girl, after almost half a decade in this industry, I’ve applied almost every product in reach — and I still hadn’t found the “ones”.  While some products have become my ‘holy grail’ — during the warmer months — this chapped-lipped, pink-nosed, now London living, gal has been in need of some real magic when the temperature drops below 10 celcius.

So like any fairy tale, my journey started here — where every girl finds her true holiday love, Sephora.  When the air began to get chilly I realized I needed to finally settle down — and find some loyal skincare products that would love my skin for its ups and downs. I started out by writing down a list of what is needed and what is superfluous.  Knowing full well that I’d be coming home with all…and more. *Sephora has that allure; a haze that covers price-tags and whispers to your conscious the necessity of attaining everything that promises you a better life—which is almost every product. The genius of Sephora’s buying process comes with the fact that they pack all of your small items into the smallest bag possible, making it feel as if you didn’t really spend half your paycheck in a drunken-makeup daze.*  After taking home a few products, consulting my dermatologist — Dr. Kathleen Hutton — and relying on my trial-and-error knowledge I have never been so happy with the results.

2 months later: my skin feels more even-toned, plump, blemish-free, and youthful.

While I highly recommend buying these products in general, what better way to try out new skin care products than buying them on sale! Below are a list of my new favorites; how I use them, why they work for me, possible alternatives and Cyber Monday discounts offered.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Geux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator

This stuff is beauty-rest in a bottle. Through use, it has made the skin around my eye appear not only firmer but more rested. Dr. Hutton had recently informed me that dark under eye circles are not only caused from lack of sleep but can appear from looking at a screen for too long, other forms of eye strain, dehydration, age, and sun overexposure.

While this product may have a steep price tag, the bottle will make sure to last you through the holiday season — for a little goes a long way.

The engineered applicator with a flexible massage tip allows for me to easily reach all of the curves around my eye.  I highly recommend using this product for at least 6 weeks — applying either once or twice a day(morning and at night)!

Visit for 20% off with the code FRIENDS.

OleHenriksen: Truth Serum

With these windy and cold months my skin has never needed moisture and anti-inflammation more.  This Vitamin-C rich serum acts as a daily multivitamin for my skin, a collagen booster, and an all day-day brightening hydrator. I apply this after the Lancome Eye Illuminator during my morning routine. It not only smells like oranges, but leaves my skin perfectly prepped for leaving the house with or without makeup.

20% off sitewide and a FREE 4-piece gift set with purchases over $50! Use code: CYBER2

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel

This gel has been my saving grace during the holiday season and I have Mrs. Rodial to thank.  I have always suffered from combination skin and have rarely found products that adequately moisturize while keeping my complexion matte — not oily. After reading Maria Hatzistefanis (aka Mrs. Rodial) book, How To Be an Overnight Success, I knew I had to try the Dragon Blood product line.

The gel was my second purchase, behind the Dragon’s Blood Essence Mist, and I’ll be making sure to buy the rest of the line. The sculpting gel feels amazing on my skin and the texture is gorgeous.  Besides doubling as a primer it provides an extra layer of moisture after the Truth Serum.

I would highly recommend trying out this product, it’s definitely worth the hype.

P.S. After those indulgent holiday meals, to counteract, the gel is proven to plump skin and deine facial contours by using the dragon’s blood complex and sap from the Corton Lechleri tree.

Shop and get 30% off your entire order using the code: bf30

Bite Agave Lip Mask in shade Smashed

My go-to just-bitten look has remained a staple in my day-to-day life throughout every season.  Bite has made it easier for me to perfect this look without having to worry about dry lips that make the color look — for lack of a better word — crusty. I not only get the benefits of a lip-balm but the look of a designer pigment lip-stain.

Shop Bite cosmetics for a FREE 4-piece gift with any purchase. Use code: Monday4

Omorovicza Night Cream

After a recent trip to the beautiful city of Budapest I became intrigued with the natural healing waters that the locals swear by.  The saying, ‘something must be in the water’, had to derive from this bustling city because everyone had beautiful skin. After meeting up with some friends they recommended I get a facial at Omorovicza flag-ship spa.  They explained how Omorovicza Cosmetics is a Hungarian Nobel prize winning laboratory that has developed and patented a healing concentrate that delivers the potent minerals that occur naturally in the waters. Absolute GENIUS!

So now I’m here, applying this magical cream to my face every night before I go to bed. Slowly, but surely my skin looking more and more like a hungarian’s — fingers crossed.

Hurry and shop their sale at and  use code BLACK for 30% off your entire order.

Mario Badescu: Drying Lotion

If there were one permanent product in my skincare routine, this would be it.  Mario Badescu’s drying lotion will remain apart of my ‘holy grail’. Whenever a pesky-problem spot arrives on my face, I apply this lotion to the spot (at night) over my Omorovicza Night Cream.  By morning, the spot has either diminished or disappeared all-together. I simply love this product due to its fast-acting ability and effectiveness to all skin-types.

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Fresh Sugar Lip Serum

Name one person who doesn’t experience chapped lips at one point or the other — especially during these winter months.  This Lip Serum, though the taste can be distracting at first, has resurrected my lips. I apply this serum at night, before bed, and wake up with a smooth, moisturised pout.

A must have. Shop Fresh cosmetics and receive a full size gift with purchase.

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