As a tom boy and a ripped jeans and white tee kind of girl , If i’m going to put a dress on it has to be a statement making , elegant draping , confidence boosting , visually appealing piece . Not too much to ask right ?

Well what I mean is for a not-so-girly-girl , its hard for me to find the right pieces because I sometimes feel like I don’t belong in what I’m wearing . Until I came across Needle and Thread . Their pieces had my fingers tingling in need of an article on why this designer deserves a round of applause along with a standing ovation .

With stunning detail and undeniable quality and depth of detail , Needle and Thread can well be your go to choice for stunning dresses. I’ve taken the time to personally choose a few favorites I think you guys might like . If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can shop the choices I picked for you . And on the way down please take the time to appreciate that my boyfriend (who isn’t a photographer) loved this dress so much that he wanted to be the one who takes pictures of me in it . And yes he was responsible for the adorable little red bouquet of roses. What do you guys think ?

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