Tattu ?

Many of you have been DMing me and asking me to recommend a few romantic places to eat out. I’m sure this is because you’ve seen how much my boyfriend and I eat and how we try to cram a romantic date night any time we can . We’re always on the road , sometimes separately, we like to make the nights that we get to spend together as beautiful and sweet as possible because I sometimes may not be seeing him again for another week or two .

We live about 30 minutes from the center of Manchester. The first time I came to Manchester I thought to myself this is one of the biggest small cities ever. You can walk the entire city in 45 minutes but somehow you will never run out of restaurants, pubs, bars, or cafes to try . Completely equipped with every cuisine from around the world and all put into this tight little town and its narrow old streets. Simply fascinating.

We stumbled onto Tattu , one of the most visually stunning restaurants I’ve ever seen . If I told you they had a massive Japanese cherry blossom tree in the center of dining room you wouldn’t believe me. Which is why I’m attaching photos to prove to you that coming here is not just pleasing for the eye but also most important matches this lovely shock factor and decadent surprise with their menu options. From fresh raw hamachi, to butter cod, to wagyu steak … I can safely say they can do no wrong . And be prepared to get a show every time one of your items comes out of the kitchen or the bar. With pristine presentation and elegant use of smoke and a play on food elements, I’d say dining here is an experience.

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