Botox , fillers, plastic surgery and any kind of injectables have been looked at for years in a negative light . We have seen and heard all the bad cases of people going too far . We’ve had icons and celebrities seemingly ruin what was natural and start to deteriorate. I feel like everyone has become so scared to talk about it even if they have had a good experience with any of these, they prefer to hide it when people ask .

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with Botox. Like everything else in life, I like to do intensive amounts of research before I go through with anything . Botox is one of them . The idea of it which was engraved in my mind was a tarnished, negative space and I , for the longest time, didn’t dare even consider it.

Then some time this past year , I went to an an amazing doctor local to my area for something I was extremely insecure about and none of my friends understood. I had this insecurity about one of my eyes. It looked 3 times bigger than the right one! Yes that was my insecurity ! And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that . When I would talk I had an overactive eyebrow muscle so it would lift and create about a little less than inch space between my eyelid and eyebrow, causing me to look like I had a lazy eye. So I went to Dr. Rosh in Wilmslow (world renowned Doctor and surgeon) . After assessing me, he actually told me that the best way to fix this was to do Botox in that area. Mind you , this is back when I thought Botox acts as a filler. I was confused . I asked him a question that he probably gets asked on the daily : Wouldn’t Botox on one side of my face cause disproportional outcome? And what exactly does it do that would change my eye shape? Oh and what exactly is Botox?

Dr Rosh , ( ) was incredibly knowledgeable and superbly experienced. He taught me so much . Here’s what I learned from him that day :


Botox is actually an injectable neurotoxin that relaxes the muscle. It doesn’t hinder anything except for that. It isn’t meant to fill, move or stop anything . it merely relaxes the strength of your muscle and slows down the activity that in the long term causes wrinkles. Especially on the forehead. The idea is that if you temporarily block local nerve impulses to specific muscles within your face, you won’t make certain facial expressions, so you won’t form the wrinkles that come with them. Or in my case, you won’t raise an eyebrow three times higher than the other one causing the look of a lazy eye .


Not only is it FDA approved, but it isn’t just used for cosmetic reasons. Botox has proven to be used on patients with excessive sweating, chronic migraines and multiple eyelid issues. So breathe, it isn’t crazy serious. Of course always make sure you look up whoever you’re letting handle your face. It isn’t to be messed with . So think twice before you go rushing to buy that “5 areas for the price of one ” Groupon .


Everyone gets wrinkles, and everyone ages. Since my experience with Botox and the obvious way it worked for me , I have spoken to my Fiance about it . He is the same age as me and is constantly in a sweaty helmet doing god knows what facial expressions when he’s in a race car. I explained to him , that it is probably best to start at his age now so he can prevent the wrinkles from appearing rather than waiting for them to appear and starting then . So it is safe to say , Botox is an amazing wrinkle preventative for anyone and everyone . If you don’t want a mark Wahlberg frown line, you better look into it now.


I was injected by Dr Rosh, who uses the smallest needle in the world and let me tell you , that’s exactly what it feels like. I barely felt a prick ! It wasn’t only painless but it was also the quickest “procedure” ever. I think I was done in just minutes. It comes naturally to him you can tell, he knew the exact areas, how much to inject and where to place the needle. I was like , wow that’s it? I saw results within a few days, had zero swelling or bruising AND little to no needle marks.


The only thing that isn’t amazing about Botox is that it isn’t a one time thing, however I’ll tell you this: It is meant to only last for a few months but I have actually seen it lasts much longer with me . So just stay on top of it, and when you think you see it diminishing , remember, there is no harm in getting it on a consistent basis . Don’t let those wrinkles form !

Here is an image I took with Dr Rosh literally seconds after I got my forehead done, you can see how there are no obvious marks or bruises. He has the gentlest hands and certainly is one of the best in the world. I think its very important to know exactly who you’re going to. After-all your face is their canvas and their experience should be broad! Go to to learn more about what Dr Rosh specialises in and book your own appointment with him !

Dr Rosh and I at his clinic in Wilmslow, UK (KLNIK MED SPA)
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