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On a usual day , you’d find me wearing a torn stained old t-shirt that can give everyone many reasons to think that I’m most likely homeless. You’d also find me in sweatpants that are about 5 sizes too large for me . So trust me , I’m not the glammy type.

However, as my Lebanese and very old fashioned Mom used to say , you gotta treat your man’s eyes once in a while . So here is me making an effort. I sometimes see girls these days doing a few things that I would like to mention and possibly advise against. I’d like to think that growing up with mostly guy friends, I got to learn and get a little bit of insight into what guys may actually want . I am not an expert and I’ve not dug into every man’s brain so please don’t assume I had a big share of men in my life because I haven’t . I’m just expressing what some of my best friends have shared with me . 

DON’TS !! 

Don’t wear too much makeup .

Sorry to break it to you ladies but makeup is strictly something for us and our own self confidence as females . We tend to have the dire need of correcting and adjusting things to boost our self esteem which is natural and totally fine . I personally have never been a heavy makeup kinda girl. I wear what is necessary (covering up zits the size of California is what I call necessary) so maybe I’m a little bias but I’ll tell you one thing for sure : Men don’t like caked on makeup . They smell every little chemical in it and they can pretty much smell it all night which makes them very aware of it. If it is you and it makes you feel better than by all means go for it darling, but just keep in mind that if you can take the contouring, highlighting and cat eye down a notch , you will show your natural stunning and effortless side of beauty …and that on its own is simply SEXY .

Don’t wear loud lipsticks! 

 Again I think sticking to nudes and makeup that matches your own skin is such a sexy way to say ” I am confident and don’t need extravagant colors to make me beautiful” I like a few shades from Bobbi Brown and an amazing Lip gloss from Fenty beauty which I will include below .

Don’t obsess over things no one else notices !

I am guilty of sometimes thinking my ankles put on a half a pound each and my ears seem to get larger with age. But these are things we need to keep to ourselves in the little mental box of “crazy insecurities that are most likely completely in my head ” . Mentioning what you’re insecure about on a date can put someone off and make them think that you are obsessive. 

DO’S !! 

Do speak positively about yourself

Nothing screams confident well rounded woman more than a positive outlook on your life and your body . You are a stunning human in your own way and whoever doesn’t agree doesn’t deserve your time any way . So rock your personality , your quirkiness and let yourself be funny . Because the best version of you is the real YOU !

Do dress appropriately.

I love dressing up in a romantic mini , but there are things that can change your outfit from a “try hard” look to a “effortless and sexy” vibe. For example in this look , I could have chosen stilettos, or knee high boots but I went with these stunning white boots that I usually would wear with a day-to-day jeans and white tee look . It’s like pretending to tone it down a notch but still staying sexy and careless. 

Be present 

Put your phone away , be present and listen and be heard. Nothing is better than a woman who genuinely lends her ears to the other person and shows empathy and care towards them . 

I hope you guys like this article . I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Shop my look and similar pieces perfect for date night below !

Naila xx

Dress pictured : White Fox Boutique

Shoes : Raye the label

Bag : Storets

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