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I read a book that said something that I will never forget . The book said : People never used to see what other people did. If your neighbour had a banging wife, a job that required him to travel and never be behind a desk , two children that looked like they came out of a laboratory designed to make perfect humans, you probably wouldn’t have known or went over to his doorstep to drop a comment and tell him you think his wife is hot and you wish you had his life . The point is , now that our main purpose in life is to be public and to find the best ways to do so , we have access to too much .

Think about it , if you follow 100 people , and each one of those people posts about the few great things they have done this year, by the time you’re done checking out what all the 100 people have done , you will think “wow my life must suck” .

Comparing yourself to other is lethal . And I’m not being dramatic . Even though you might not give yourself the credit, you my friend, are amazing and are doing your best . You can only use what you see as inspiration . Inspiration is meant to motivate you and not bring you down . You are on your own path and your path requires a different kind of time. Time is what you should be enjoying in your journey . Nothing gives instant satisfaction and to be honest if thats what you’re seeking than you need to re-evaluate your goal . The best thing about achieving something is enjoying the time it takes . You do not have to achieve things at the same time others do .


Another thing I want to mention is skin . Yes …SKIN! Unfortunately due to algorithms on social media , sex is selling better than ever. The more likes you get within a few minutes of posting , the more other people see your post , the higher chance of you getting on the popular pages and the more likely you will get better engagement overall. Sadly , this has caused young beautiful smart women to think that if they post a picture of their body and if they prostituted their beauty and got more likes , that they become more worthy . THIS IS WRONG!!

If there is anyone you should listen to about this it’s me . I was modelling only lingerie for 3 years and so all the content I was gathering was lingerie content. I would post it , because it was my job and it was my paid for work which I was very much involved in. I would then get thousands of likes. I would average between 15-20k likes per image.

When I started to indulge in my life and work in other industries such as advertising , starting my own vitamin manufacturing business , and when I started traveling with my boyfriend, things changed. I realised that that little number under my pictures started to drop massively. However, because I was doing something that really meant something to me and because I was finally actually living and finding myself, this number didn’t matter at all anymore .

You have to do what you like and what you love and do it for YOU . Not the stupid number under your pictures and not what people comment and think about you or what you’re doing . I now love to share what I like, from jumping out of planes, to moments I share with my boyfriend , to my new puppy , to skincare products that have helped my acne. I am sharing what I like not what I think people want to see. And even if this doesn’t appeal to the men or women who used to follow me to see my body parts then guess what ? THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE . I sleep so much better at night knowing I said what I said because I meant it and not because I thought someone wants to hear it .


I am on countless trains , planes , busses and probably single handedly keep Uber in business. I can’t believe how easily people are glued to their phone screen . Trust me I’m not here giving grandpa’s advice and saying “oh dear what has technology done to us” .. But I AM saying , you have to be  aware of how much precious time you are giving away from this beautiful big gorgeous yet too quickly spent bucks of time this life has given you . If you spend 6 hours a day per day every day of your life, by the time you’re 50 that’ll be math we both can’t do and hours you’ll wish to everything you believe in that you can get back . You could speed your own journey to success and to reaching your own goals by simple using your time better. If you stare at other people doing well, that could be demotivating you and actually result in YOU YOURSELF getting to your goal a lot later because of all the wasted time you spent on watching others use their time better you did .

I hope from reading this you understand that i’m not making this up, I’ve merely been through all of this and have been guilty of doing all these things myself. I hope I can share with you my words that can possibly help motivate you , remind you of distractions and get you back on track . My experiences are your ammo. Here are some pictures that ignited the tell-all in my head about social media’s shittiest things 🙂

Love ,


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