August 15, 2017

The weirdest (and coolest) thing that happened to me in the past year is I started to discover my soul a little more (I might be the hippiest most spiritual weirdo you’ll meet), and as I started evolving more I realized my closet started evolving too. Maybe even faster than I was.

I used to stick to the 2% pretty girly girl in me . Recently I’ve been letting go of every notion of who I think I am and letting the real me come out. The me I’ve been always but didn’t quite embrace because of the pressure of community, comparison and social acceptance.

When I was 7 I remember wearing cargo pants and baggy tees, classic white and black weathered adidas sneakers and a two inches of hair I styled like a boy. I was made fun of a lot in school because I was a tomboy, I developed late and I was always , and I mean always, hanging out with the boys. I played soccer, basketball , loved cars, raced cars, played with cars (you get it) and was more athletic than even most of the guys in my school . Hanging out with the girls in my class was not my thing. I didn’t ever wear nail polish, I never owned a skirt (like ever) and never even saw myself as a person who would ever wear make up . (CONTINUE BELOW)

But that was me. I was almost scared of me . Now I’m in my twenties and yeah …maybe it took me long to finally bring the old me back but I’m happier and more confident than I ever was before. I find ways of letting the athletic tomboy in me shine while still making my edgy , and very simple, looks be feminine and tailored to my personality . I’m head over heels with these edgy denim overalls and this super casual yet sexy look I would make my second skin if I could . (CONTINUE BELOW)

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, it has been a bit hard to be inspired and motivated while traveling endlessly but I do my best to always write down my thoughts that I want to use as a tool to inspire my readers and followers.

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Photography : Jeremy Gudac

Overalls: A’GACI Store

Hair and Makeup : Kolor By Kelly, Samara Elster

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