I never related to the term ” home base” . Everyone grew up somewhere, stayed there, went somewhere else, then came right back to that same somewhere they’re so used to . That home they know every corner of and have been anchored in . Well not me, I grew up moving houses and countries every year or so. I don’t come from a traditional family with routine. We were a bunch of sporadic people hopping zip codes (actually even continents sometimes) while my parents looked for a stable job. I lost my dad when I was very young , so my mom had to carry the horrendous weight of having to take care of me, because lets face it , I’m a handful and a half. I probably lived in over 6 countries growing up. So “home base” is not relatable to me folks. The longest place I lived in is Lebanon , where I grew up. Oh yeah by the way I’m Lebanese.

The point is I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 9 years now, but I’ve always felt more at home in Spain. I’m not sure if you knew this but Beirut is very similar to certain parts of Europe. I haven’t been back to Lebanon since I was 8 years old, but I’ve spent a whole lot of time in Europe recently (Barcelona Spain to be exact) .

I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I walk the streets of Barcelona. It reminds me of Beirut a little . A lot more put-together and built up of course, but still similar (whoops sorry Beirut). The streets and alleys are dripping in culture and history, the people are so genuine and real . The residential areas are decked with small mom-and-pops bakeries and cafes. A lot of people sit outside their stores , people-watching and smoking a cigarette like there’s no rush to really “do” life. I dig that. Oh and let’s not forget my favorite part: delicious tapas restaurants on every two feet of the road .

The air is so clean and bright, makes you forget you’re in a huge city . I didn’t feel any of that crazy, intense, jungle-y, too-busy-to-talk-to-you , get out of my way vibe at all . This city is livable , lovable and now one of my top favorite places I’ll escape to …or live in …who knows….

Here is one of the looks that I put together while being majorly inspired here. I’m posting a second one in the next blog post. Shop this one and some similar dresses I adore below .

Photography by : Jakob Nakwa

Naila xx

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