Oliver’s Amazing Cinnamon Rolls

How this whole thing started was basically the day we were in California together and I asked Oliver , my Fiance if he wanted Cinnabon …he proceeded to ask me what that was and I was in shock . I grew up on Cinnabon . Its the cutest little cinnamon roll cafe that makes the worlds best cinnamon rolls. And if you haven’t had one, then I’m glad you’re here .


Other than having lived in Dubai while I was in school and studying journalism , Dubai has also been a destination for me for skydiving . After getting my license and flying in Multiple places around the world, I made the bold decision of choosing Dubai’s skydive zone my favourite.


  The very best party size Italian Melt. Crusty ciabatta bread, sandwiched with homemade Italian vinaigrette, spicy salami, salty prosciutto, fresh baby arugula, roasted peppers, provolone AND mozzarella. All baked until toasted and melty. Yes, this is every bit as DELICIOUS as it sounds. It’s also the easiest way to serve up a melty sandwich to a hungry group of …

The best things I NEVER ate

About a year ago I discovered that all kinds of foods can be poison if you don’t know what your body is willing to process. Any food, even if it is supposed to be the healthiest thing in the world can be your worst enemy if you’re intolerant to it  .

Tattu ?

Many of you have been DMing me and asking me to recommend a few romantic places to eat out. I’m sure this is because you’ve seen how much my boyfriend and I eat and how we try to cram a romantic date night any time we can . We’re always on the road , sometimes separately, we like to make …