Falling through the sky, I have one million things going through my head, none of them including my hair. After being literally tossed and turned amidst high whipping winds , (not complaining here because that’s the funnest part) I pull my parachute. I wish there was someone around to document what state I’m in at this point. Other than being filled with utter euphoria and adrenaline seeping into why veins, I look amn absolute mess. There are some hairs that have snuck to the back of my throat and glued themselves to my eyeball . My skin has already peeled off an entire layer that I’ve been working so hard on moisturising for the past month , and all I can feel is my breath steaming up the inside of my helmet and the rushing thoughts of the fact that there isn’t enough serum in the world to fix this state. Yet I jump 12 more times that same day. Yes I’ll be feeling the repercussions tomorrow – but thankfully, they’re totally manageable.