If you’ve followed me for a while you would know that I don’t have a certain feel or look I go for. I don’t burry myself in aesthetics and perfect grid obsessions. I don’t judge. I don’t rule my opinion or knock anyone for anything. My main goal in writing was to express my soul , the soul that has managed to make it it’s life mission to teach people how to turn sorrow into success….

Look I don’t care whether you read this or not, I don’t care if ten thousand people read it or if zero people did . My goal in life , after being abused by my father and having to live alone since the age of 15, isn’t to make your day when I post on social media. I have a mission to inspire. I went on a journey for three years to find out how to build a barrier and cut off thoughts made out of “what ifs” . I’m actually confident to say I achieved this…. which is insane. Why? Because to say you’ve achieved something confidently, means you really really reached contentness in your goal . Ego aside, you’ve finally trusted yourself.

What do I post about and why ? I post pictures of my body (which I embrace and love in its terrible and its good days) , I post clothing I’ve styled  , sometimes I’ll post a body part, a piece of the world in view, an image from my travels, a quote from my pain , a saying from my experiences, an emotion worth photographing…..whatever it may be, I don’t do it for likes or for followers. I do it because I want to publicize a thought. By that I mean , I want you to see into my mind . No matter what the image entails, it probably is what I have lived and seen. I thrive on real thoughts and emotions and I hope you know you can never and will never see a side of me that isn’t me .

With love,

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Naila xx

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