Looking back now at my journey with interior design , I can’t help but think about the fact that I’ve lived in so many apartments over the past 13 years (I moved out when I was 15 and before that my parents and I moved alot) . I actually can’t count how many I lived in . The phases of my life were of many, and they all went quick . I don’t see that as a bad thing . To me, this just meant I had a lot of growth in a short period of time.

I remember the first one I moved to . I was a waitress . It was tiny and I was broke, the bed was a pull out bed one of those ones that comes out of the wall and feels like its made out of forks. I remember my door would open and it would hit the side my bed frame if I had forgotten to slam it back up into the wall. You ever seen those beds before? They’re not fun

Then I had an apartment where I started making a couple bucks more an hour and wanted start buying decorative stuff like one of those big lemon bowls and maybe a cute painting with pineapples on it –this is back when people put pineapples on everything and called it art then charged you $65 to for it . About three months later I ran out of money and ended up with two cute fruit bowls and a few basic target wall art frames and some lost hope. House stuff is expensive so I decided to focus on work and put the interior design dreams on the back burner . My expectations to making this one anything like I wanted it were completely shattered.

I then moved to downtown LA , I finally had a great job I was passionate about and I started my own business. NOW , I thought to myself, is the time for me to finally dive into this hidden little passion of mine of interior decorating.

I went to flea markets, I went to every furniture store that was listed in google, I went on ebay, and spent hours and hours shopping online late at night . So many things I got excited about but they would show up to my door and would either be 10% of the size they were supposed to be or a different shade of whatever color I assumed they would be. It got hectic and I was on a return spree every Saturday . I rushed too many things and didn’t take my time in really finding myself first before knowing what my style even was.

Looking back now , the only pieces that are still now in my memory are the pieces I took the most time planning out and thinking of buying . I learned so much along the way. Those lessons now, about a decade later have aided me in designing my dream home now . Those apartments took me through a journey of different stages of figuring out what I liked, making mistakes but in turn getting closer and closer to what my heart truly gravitates to . So it took a while for me to really put a label on my style. Here are some of the biggest lessons I learned:


Houzz has been my absolute savior. I have so many days where my head feels so blank . I forget everything that I’ve brainstormed and I even go off track from the style that I’ve been relating to the most and start to think of new things completely which completely distracts my creativity . I’m sure if you’ve ever tried to pick out a wallpaper or paint color you go from being completely convinced about one color and then you start to doubt yourself. Which brings me to my next topic


This applies to everything. Even in your fashion sense, if you put on a cute outfit and just as you’re about to walk out the door someone says “you’re very bold for wearing that color” or “I see these kinds of shoes everywhere but I was never into them ” . It’s a strike to your ego and your confidence in picking that outfit and almost instantly it makes you want to change it.

Which is why you should pick what you like and just do it . Getting opinions from everyone will only disturb your own taste and might even make you make choices that other people approve , not you. The problem with asking people their opinions when it comes to style, taste, or design is that its only that : their opinion. So if someone likes edgy dark interiors with bold accents and you like beachy white minimal vibes, when you ask that person if your all-white theme in your kitchen works they may tell you its boring , or too simple or (something I used to hear all the time) too clinical. Don’t listen to them and don’t even ask them , ask a professional if you need to but I honestly think gathering inspiration and seeing how things pair with one another right there in front of your eyes is better than any advice you can get anywhere .


When I was thinking about what my style was I starting looking on Houzz and saving the looks I liked into what they call “an ideabook” . After saving a few I realised I was into Modern eclectic style. Which is a very fancy way of saying Art Deco with a little glamour . Once I had a good label to go off of, It became easier looking through other mood boards on pinterest and google because I knew what I was searching for and didn’t have to scroll through endless country homes and rustic spanish villas. Everything I looked for was about what I wanted.


My biggest temptation ever in this whole process has been buying things right when I see them . I found a showroom located 20 minutes from my village that literally had the couch, dining table, chairs, bar stools , bed and mirrors that I wanted . Even though they might be the exact piece you wanted , in the exact shade and you’re having an “OMG I can’t believe god listened to ally my prayers I’ll never have to look elsewhere again” moment , you should wait. Start with main big pieces like your couch, then your dining table. Put those in their dedicated rooms (or in our case with an open floor plan its just one big room) and see how they look. Do they compliment each other ? Do they compliment the room ? Then move onto what coffee table looks good with the couch. What dining chairs look good with the dining table and so far and so on . Start with those and keep building up all the way to the accents on your wall down to the cutlery on the table. You will tank yourself for taking the time to make things permanent and perfect rather than rushing into buying everything and having to deal with the nightmare of exchanging things or in some people’s case, learning to live with them because you paid for them and can’t take them back.


You guys might have seen my kitchen by now, (see pics attached) . I really wanted a dark kitchen and so did Oliver. We both collected loads of inspiration online and almost all of what we chose was dark indigo or dark black . Since we were gutting our own kitchen and building a whole new one , we had so much creative freedom . So we wanted to make sure that after all the effort and money we had invested in this kitchen that we make sure the color we choose is exactly what we wanted. We got a sample piece of wood and sprayed the color on it. Took the sample back with us and started at it in different lights, for a few days till we confirmed that that is infact the color we want . Same goes for wallpapers. I ordered samples online which will only cost you about $3 per sample and taped them to the walls I wanted to put them on . Took me about a week and about 20 samples later I had my wallpapers all sorted .

See below what images and mood boards I saved. These are the houses that really inspired my home and guided me to find the perfect kitchen . I hope this blog post helped you ! What do you think of my inspiration images for our kitchen and bathroom ?

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