First 5 Things We Bought for Baby

Before I do the nursery reveal , I thought I would share with you a few necessities we just HAD to buy. How did we know these were things taht were a MUST ,you ask ? Well basically these were items that our close friends (who had lots of babies) told us we will not be able to live without . I’m so glad that we’re at a point in our lives where 99% of our friends have children. It’s amazing how valuable advice is from moms and dads that already went through the journey of trial and error . Because trust me I’m on my 100th podcast about what products work and what don’t but who knows who’s getting paid by what brand and what really is the truth, I’m so skeptical nowadays. So just so you know none of this is sponsored. This is simply advice from me to you .


I’m not going to tell you the horror stories I heard about car seats because I myself wish I could unhear them . But apparently , the babies size is relative and his or her posture while in the seat is extremely important. And the second you push that baby out is the moment you begin to really value ease of use more than anything in the world. This car seat is apparently the safest out there, comfiest and most adjustable for to keep up with the growing little nugget .

Silver Cross Dream i-Size Baby Car Seat (click for direct link)


We have been discussing moving to Los Angeles when the baby turns 6 months old and the first thing we did is started asking around for the most reliable, easy stroller that (hear this) fits in an overhead cabin rather than needs to be checked in . Our friends swore by this one , they said every single one they’ve checked in and no matter what airline they flew, would show up broken at the destination . So good to know !

Baby Zen YOYO Travel Stroller


I actually didn’t know that you’re supposed to sleep with babies for the first 6 months. Well I’m not sure if everyone does it but my midwife recommended we do because our nursery is actually on the 3rd floor of our townhome. Which means that I will probably never get to the baby especially if I had a Cesarean or a rough birth . Our friends agreed that the baby should be as close as possible so when she needs to feed you don’t have to make the journey to get her. This is vital in that case. And I love the little side flap so really you can do everything you need to do without getting out of bed!


A Super Comfy Hypoallergenic Baby Mattress

Babies need to be comfy ! I knew that . Obviously . BUT I was shocked as to why my mattress cost over 2k and this little nugget can get one off Amazon that everyone swears by for only $90? Here’s a little tip, make sure to get a waterproof mattress cover , or two ..

A Comfy Nursing and Rocking Chair

Quick note here , why are all nursing chairs horrendous looking? Honestly they all look like that chair that stank that grandma used to sit on all day while she watched jeopardy . I managed to find one that is actually cute . The lead time on these sometimes could be long so its best to buy it before baby comes and be prepared. A tip here is get a plush velvet pouf to put in front of it so you can raise your feet while you enjoy feeding your beautiful bundle of joy!

             Ahern Rocking Chair from Wayfair
Ahern Rocking Chair from Wayfair


As we put more things on the list and find out more about what to do and what not to do I’ll be sharing alot more with you ! I hope this helps you guys .

Thank you again for reading xoxo

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