Hey guys, I feel like lately I’ve been answering your question that you send me on Direct message on Instagram through my blog posts . I kinda like it , because I can elaborate and really take my time in answering you . 

I got asked what apps I use on my phone . This question I get alot. So I decided to share with you five editing apps I can’t live without. 


Snapseed is like a simplified photoshop . It is easy to use, efficient and doesn’t compromise the quality of a photo . I keep this one on my home screen . I also love using the “grainy film option” it offers under Tools. I ALWAYS go for the X3 filter and lower the grain effect . (You can do this by swiping up or down after you choose the filter and then you will have the option of swiping right or left to raise or lower the opacity of the grain or filter.

Another thing Snapseed offers that no other app offers is the perspective change option . I used to do this in Photoshop but it would take me between 5 and 8 minutes to adjust the photo, expand the background so it changes the angle and many more steps which made the task tedious. Now you can literally change , tilt and shift the perspective just on your phone with snapped. This is extremely helpful for people who are anal about their alignment or for me for when I ask someone to take a picture of me and Oli and they give me the phone after one click but the image is tilted , crooked and the horizon is at a 45 degree angle. This is all fixable with Snapseed!


I have ADD . So naturally I’m so easily distracted and forgetful . I used UNUM to arrange , preplan and organise my posts . I also get to sign them in the grid so I can visualise what the page will look like when the post goes up . I find UNUM extremely helpful, cheaper than other apps like Planoly which charges you a whopping $38 something dollars a month just to organise your posts. Maybe I’m cheap but I think that’s way too high. Unum does the job . And I you decide to sign up for the elite membership , it also tells you the best times to post hour by hour of each day . So helpful for blogging and enhancing reach. !


I myself don’t like to over edit photos, but sometimes if the light is harsh , there are some unwanted blemishes, shadows or creases of makeup that are unwanted and can ruin the look of the picture . Facetune has the best smoothing option , but definitely don’t get carried away with it because otherwise your pictures will lose the real element and look like porcelain . I also find that patching, healing and whitening on this app is better and easier than most other apps out there .


I adore this app. If you want to get fancy with your fonts, pictures, layering and be super creative with your story posts , THIS APP IS PERFECT . Not just for stories but also for cute little film strip effects or torn mag page effects that you see used on some amazing bloggers accounts . I have seen other apps like this one come up that do similar things . Another one would be DesignLab but to be honest I find that UNFOLD is the easiest to use .


Are you totally riding with the current grainy , filmy, scratchy, burnt film trend? If you are, and you’re into the disposable camera look for your images, you need to download KD PRO . I like the freedom this app has with your picture. You kind of just take a photo in it and it processes it according to lighting and it almost always comes out with an amazing result. And if it doesn’t? It offers you the ability to click once and reprocess. (It might cost you just a little over 90 pennies to be able to import photos in it but I think to get the look you want thats definitely one of the cheapest fees you’ll ever pay in an app). So it is quick and efficient and doesn’t have a menu with 55 buttons . I like an app where you can get in , do the job and get out .


Even If you’re not a professional photographer or editor , lightroom offers something that not many apps offer well. The ability to work with colours without butchering the resolution of a photo. That is literally all I use it for on my phone .I love being able to darken yellows or desaturate greens without affecting the rest of the photo . 


Are you an organised person ? If you are, then good for you but I’m guessing you don’t have magical super powers of lining up tasks mentally and remembering every single one of them . Everyone needs to visually look at what they have to do , I think . For me personally it is very hard to be organised, I NEED something that helps me remember the task, the time, the date of it and something that prevents me from double booking myself. I think even if you are fully organised you need apps like this to sort things for you and make everything easier . You can organise every little aspect of your life on this app. I find it has changed my life . It can help you establish daily habits and stick to a schedule that can tick off life errands. I feel so accomplished after using Todoist AND it has a little karma reward system which gives you a little tap on the shoulder and encourages you to keep with it !

Hope these help . Please comment and let me know what else you guys want to know .I’ll be reading all your comments ! 

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