2020 Holiday Gift Guide

**I made this guide easy for you, just click on the image and it should take you straight to the website where you can purchase it .**

Each year at around the month of August , I try and make a list of what I want to buy for each person in my family . This year was hard, so many of us had such a tough year just being locked up and our normalcy taken away from us completely . So creating a list was more revolved around self care this year. I felt that it was important to get gifts that motivated the person to push for self care and self love. So I’m putting a list here for my favourite gifts that I think will be very beneficial to no matter who you’re gifting them to ! Who doesn’t like self care?

Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet

SetCaudalie has always been on my top skincare brand list. This gift set stole my heart because it actually has three of my favourite products from them. Not only is Caudalie cruelty free but it’s also the only skincare brand that I was able to take with me through my pregnancy and not have to change. This gift set is on sale on lookfantastic.com for only$39

 Amika Jack of All Curls Hair Wand Curler Set

Here’s something that will go a long way . I’m personally recommending this because I’ve used lipless wands for curling my hair since they basically came out. I tried a lot and it seems even though it seems like a simple thing to buy , I really think investing in the right curler is vital . This one comes with different heads , is the best quality I found out there and has a box for organising and tucking it away . I can’t tell you how many times I wasted time looking for my half inch (lol)  . The length of the wand is probably my favourite part, when my hair got longer and longer I always struggled with other curlers. I get zero static working with Amika which is a huge plus. It heats up super quickly and has a tip that you can touch which is so important in any curler. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve burnt my fingers when trying to manoeuvre the hair around other wands . This is SUCH s good purchase for someone who loves having bouncy beach curls . It’s half off right now and retailing at Sephora for $150 !


This one is perfect for your mama bear . I find this line exquisite for anti aging benefits. Its so gentle and only has necessary ingredients. When I saw this retailing for $129 I thought this was such a score situation . Usually they can be pretty pricey when you get them separately so this is a good chance to gift it to someone who likes to try things first before investing. This is skincare at its best . Such a good find !


Hold on a second, if you told me about this kind of gadget a few years ago I would have said it’s a marketing scheme. Until I myself dealt with overly inflamed skin, and then I started to see how genius this is. Not just for when my skin was red and breaking out every day from the dust and pollution in the air, but also for those times that you want a cooling facial mist, a cooling roller before bed and most importantly: a cool under eye cream. Did you know under eye circles can actually be treated with cold compresses? I didn’t know that either. I highly recommend this for someone who cares about their skin and has a skincare routine they live by. Tell them to cool their favourite products especially their eye creams and see what they come back with after they try it… in my eyes, this is a must have!  Especially on discount for $150.


This thing is pure genius. Think of a person in your family that is married to their phone and takes it everywhere. And then that phone ends up on their face when they’re on a phone call. Gross! I love this gadget so much and that’s why I chose to have it at the top of my list! Literally anyone of any age can use this!