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BALI: MY TAKE ON THIS PARADISE Some things you can learn from our experience ..

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Our Bali Experience was somewhat of a mix between being kicked out of our minds and into nature’s reality. It’s like the most pleasant massage you’ve ever had. The overall energy there is like a combined light of faith radiating from every home , every hut, field, restaurants, etc… It radiates into a huge bubble that…

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Yosemite with Morgan Phillips

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My job is pretty amazing. I get to meet artists around the world and work with them . Nothing is more inspiring than sharing knowledge of art with photographers and other artists.  I reached out Morgan Philips through Instagram and we decided to go to Yosemite and capture the art of the location together. I describe…

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  I’m finally in town from a few trips and I can sit down and extract little precious memories from my head that I’ve carefully stored away to share with you after I got back. Mostly, I’m excited to introduce you to places that I think you should put on your bucket list and make…

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  Touring the beautiful St. Regis in Bora Bora was one of the things I had to share with you while I was out there. I always like to discover resorts, since I travel a lot and like to come back to destinations that I fell in love with. There’s no doubt I’m coming back…

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