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Tattu šŸŒø

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  Many of you have been DMing me and asking me to recommend a few romantic places to eat out. I’m sure this is because you’ve seen how much my boyfriend and I eat and how we try to cram a romantic date night any time we can . We’re always on the road ,…

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6 things your hair wants from you

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    Iā€™m not sure about you but I have very coarse middle eastern hair. It fools everyone with the prance of being soft but gives me hell when I ever try to tackle it . I genuinely have to have a fight with myself every day on whether I should fry it with hot…

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Social Butterfly With One Wing Deep thoughts worth reading

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Dear reader , I always wanted to use my blog as a way to reach out to hearts out there that needed a little more understanding of the world . An understanding that I may have gotten along the way of my own life and I can share that with my readers. I don’t only…

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Puglia, Italy šŸ·

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Puglia , (pronounced Puleeaah) is this hidden little gem that I just had the opportunity to visit with a few good friends. This little village consists of some of the most romantic , artistic and absolutely dreamy pieces to a stunning puzzle. I couldn’t help but wander into every little corner, of the narrow and…

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Looks from Thailand šŸŒ“

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Here are some of my looks that I wore in Thailand . Styling looks in the tropical weather has always been somewhat of an easy thing for me. Maybe because I can get away with showing lots more skin which to be honest is a bit of a favorite for me. I’m all about adding…

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Laguna always has my šŸ’›

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My collaboration with Paul Hewiit watches shot by Dreamstate Live xx            

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Checkered Accents in London šŸ

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One of my favorite , and most simple yet classy but edgy looks. This is my run-around-london-all-day look. Shop this below! Actual pieces: Sosken Jacket Topshop top Zara boots & Jeans Salar Milano Backpack Photography by: Alleksana_photography           Turn on your JavaScript to view content

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Oriental Vibes

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Sometimes it gets a little hard to be creative in cold weather. I say this now having experienced very little of it and already thinking “how the hell am I going to make it through this winter” I decided I’m not going to let that stop me from styling outfits that don’t require twenty layers…

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Art of London šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§

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  Recently , and if you’ve been reading my last posts, I started a journey of following a crazy dream I had when I was younger. My family would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up , and I would answer “a bird”. I would always say that all I wanted…

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My friend Jakob Nawka flew from Berlin yesterday to come and help me capture some looks I styled around this stunning masterpiece of a city that I’m in , Budapest. I think upon arrival my mind was blown at the incredibly detailed architecture and the amount of history hidden in every inch of this gorgeous…

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