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  THE RECIPE TO LESS STRESS AND PRESSURE  You’re following Oliver and I and you’re watching our stories …  you may have picked up that we travel a lot. You’re right. But if it seems like our life is one huge long ass vacation , I’d like to tell you that 99% of our travel…

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Instagram’s Dirty Laundry

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AM I LIKE THEM ? I read a book that said something that I will never forget . The book said : People never used to see what other people did. If your neighbour had a banging wife, a job that required him to travel and never be behind a desk , two children that…

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Why I left California

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      About a year and a half ago I moved out of California after being there for ten years. There was a lot of mixed reviews on my decision. Most of which made me think , am I crazy ? I’m leaving the best weather in the world and going 8000 kilometres to…

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The best things I NEVER ate

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HOW INTOLERANCES TO SOME FOODS AFFECTED MY LIFE  (PART1.)   I wanted to write this blog post to share with you guys my experience with food and hope that writing this article helps you in your own journey to better your body and your mind .         We always hear about people…

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5 things you didn’t know about me

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THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE NEVER KNOWN    I love to always share with you guys more and more so you can as much about me as possible  . You ask me questions all the time and sometimes its through email or DM’s so maybe here I can share with you a few things you might…

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My best date night advice from Mallorca, Spain

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On a usual day , you’d find me braless, wearing a torn stained old t-shirt that can give everyone many reasons to think that I’m most likely homeless. You’d also find me in sweatpants that are about 5 sizes too large for me . So trust me , I’m not the glammy type. However, as…

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Social Butterfly With One Wing Deep thoughts worth reading

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Dear reader , I always wanted to use my blog as a way to reach out to hearts out there that needed a little more understanding of the world . An understanding that I may have gotten along the way of my own life and I can share that with my readers. I don’t only…

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