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I’m not sure about you but I have very coarse middle eastern hair. It fools everyone with the prance of being soft but gives me hell when I ever try to tackle it . I genuinely have to have a fight with myself every day on whether I should fry it with hot tools to make it look okay and less frizzy (which only usually buys me like a couple days of good hair ) or I should just throw it up in a bun.


I found that , just like a healthy diet, when it comes to hair , you have to keep a balanced routine . I have discovered that taking some days off to just focus on reviving it again really makes a huge difference in the quality of your hair . Basically , you know those days that you lounge in your yoga pants and watch youtube tutorials of how to water your plant or the Sundays that you inevitably spend a couple hours on your phone sending memes to people and watching kittens be cute ? Those days you should think about what your hair is doing when you’re doing nothing . I personally take advantage of those days and soak my hair in nourishing oils that can be healing it as I enjoy my lazy time off.


  1. Coconut Oil :

I found that coconut oil soaks that lasted overnight or even a couple of days (depending on how much time you have by yourself and not facing the world) it truly helped the quality of my hair . I found it less frizzy, my color looked richer and less “brassy” and it helped the split ends but smoothing them so when they break off they left behind a healthy strand of hair and not an even more damaged one .

      2. Grapeseed Oil :

Not only is this great for your hair texture, but i found that using grapeseed oil enriched my hair so it had a bouncier , healthier and shinier glow. A little secret of mine is I actually dab some of this stuff on my eyebrows sometimes because I have very thin eyebrows that need a ton of help growing. Grapesedd oil helped them grow thicker and faster

    3. Kerastase Nutritive mask :

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on hair masks and hair “treatments” . I swore that I’d stick to the above natural stuff instead because everything had a great effect until… it washed out ! Which defeats the purpose because I can’t live with a mask in my hair. This one actually made a difference . Once a week only and my hair grew a couple inches and broke off into my hair brush much less.

    4. Pick your brushes and hair ties wisely :

If you have any thick rubbery black ties , throw them out. Replace these with scrunchies, not only is a cute scrunchy now an adorable fashion statement but it literally can help your hair take a little break when you’re yanking it all up in a tight bun . Scrunchies pull on your hair less and cause much less damage. Plus you will look beyond adorable with a cute side pony and a fat scrunchy .

If you have any metal bristled round brushes , throw them out. Replace your round brushes with ones that have soft brissels instead . And you have to have a tangle-teezer brush for whenever you’re having a frizzy melt down, because I honestly think I’ve lost 20% of my hair one time when I was yanking at it and trying to untangle it .

    5. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Color :

How often do you feel like right after you shampoo your hair gets a sticky, gummy and dry feeling ? I think Shampoos are meant to clean your hair but unfortunately they end up stripping it completely. I absolutely adore this Tresemme shampoo. I feel safe that after I was it out, my hair is left smooth and not tangled or frizzy. I recommend using this as your shampoo and then follow that with using a mask that you can leave on for 15 minutes if you’re really struggling to revive your hair.

   6. Olaplex:

I used to peak at my colonist and I always saw him sneaking a couple drops of the professional version of this into his dye . He then recommended to me that I use some myself. I did, and ended up loving it . Mostly because of the fact that my hair has a history of turning brassy after being lightened, and no one wants “copper” coloured hair . Since I used this and added a few drops of it into my hair it really has made a huge difference.

I hope this helps , please comment and let me know how you guys like my suggestions and if they have worked for you as well!


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