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If you follow my food section you would know that It’s been a little while since I’ve reviewed a restaurant. And let me tell you why: I’ve been getting pickier and pickier by the day. Talent in the art of food has become better and more competitive, but consistency to me is still key. I’m most certainly not one of those people who thinks expensive plates are the best tasting plates (No way). In fact I don’t care what your restaurant looks like, what gimmick you’re famous for, where you’re located, or what big-name celebrities dine in with you. In the end it’s all about the food for me and that’s how it should be for any food critic/connoisseur. I’ve been to countless places since my last review , and since these are all raw, unsponsored articles that I write, I don’t take things lightly or talk about any spot. It’s got to be AMAZING and worth your time my friends.

I’m ready to share with you my new favorite spot in LA : Faith and Flower. I moved to a building right across the street from this place and happened to stumble in on a random Monday only to find out this will be my favorite place in downtown.

A concoction of technique, pure talent, unparalleled service and exquisite wine knowledge is what this place is all about. I urge you to take the time and try out my favorite dishes below:

Persian cucumber and eggplant salad

The risotto (the crab risotto is phenomenal, and so is the english pea risotto, depending on when you go)

The prawns over a bed of polenta will define consistency , balance and Chef Michael’s capability of being able to blow you away with one bite.

The Kale, fresh burrata and sage pizza will make you forget about how much you consider carbs being your worst enemy , because trust me it’s worth it.

The Oxtail agnolotti is beyond delicious, I would suggest you ask them to help you pair it with a wine, the pairing abilities of the staff are amazing (Thank you Jared for the perfect pairings)

To sum it up , saying I’ve tasted lots of food is a severe understatement. Saying there are many places that make dishes that hit my palate this way would be a lie. This one is for the books, don’t miss it and please comment and let me know your thoughts about your experience.



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