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I recently shot with an unapologetically game leading photographer. Kesler Tran let me style this shoot and helped me convey the exact look, feel, and emotions behind every image.

If you wanted to ask me, or I guess even if you didn’t, I’ll just tell you. I would really like to open up about why and why I started modeling and blogging. I’ll keep it short, I promise. And I don’t think you’ve heard this answer before. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase; I’m an emotional, sensitive and a meditative thinker. I find myself staring off into spaces, getting lost in thought. In gatherings filled with chatting people and loud music , I somehow still end up spending five solid minutes thinking about things you wouldn’t necessarily think about , like why people act the way they do and what their body language means or why they choose to look or speak a certain way. In a queue line at a grab&go go pastry bar I find myself analyzing and pondering the exact reasons why the pastry chef chose the look for his space, his dishes and the meanings behind the paintings on the wall. It’s all so interesting to me,it makes me superbly curious. I start thinking of formulas for an answer to this big WHY in my head. Maybe I’m a little crazy or maybe it’s because I’m a pisces, I’m not sure.

Anyway I find that every human being, every object and matter in this world has a story worth analyzing. Mine is quite weird since I traveled the middle east frantically with my parents from the age of 6 to 14 in search of a quality life. I find that having a job such as modeling where the photographer and I can tell a story as opposed to just capture a moment is a gift. It’s not easy putting a storyline in my viewers head just through a photograph. And so every photoshoot I’ve organized, set up and styled, has been me trying to draw a tale and grasp an emotion from you. Each image should take you somewhere.

I’m more than proud of this shoot with Kesler Tran. What and how do these images or images from your favorite editorial make you feel? Does reading this article change your view on modeling?



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